KMC – Citywide Surveillance

We are the Eyes of Karachi

KMC realized the security and surveillance needs of this prodigious city and designed a plan of metropolitan wide security surveillance project for Karachi. The vision was to centrally monitor the areas where fast developments were taking place and the areas where maintenance was required.

The concept of developing City Wide Surveillance Command and Control Centre in Pakistan is totally exclusive to GCS Pvt. Ltd. The KMC Command & Control Center was inaugurated by the Honorable Governor of Sindh on June 15, 2008. Since that time, the project is running successfully without a single minute of downtime and will complete the 6th year of operation in June 2014.

Command and Control Centre is a centrally administrative location from where overall assets and activities are monitored and managed. To facilitate state-of-the-art command and control surveillance center, a diversified IP based network infrastructure backbone is deployed involving high speed fiber optics and wireless technologies. It is equipped with huge video walls, video management servers and video data storage clusters of several hundred terabytes.

Furnished with high end technology equipment from world technology leaders such as Sony, Avigilon, IBM, CISCO, Nanov and Milestone, ensures the delivery of quality solution required by KMC to fulfill security surveillance needs of the city. KMC has installed world class high definition fixed and PTZ IP cameras, capable of providing optical zoom up to 36x, to obtain quality video stream day in and day out for the Command & Control Center.

The sites are continuously operational backed up by UPS and a generator, in case of a power outage the backup is of 8 hours. There are no reoccurring charges thus it is a sustainable project.

Initially, at Phase 1 of the project, 28 cameras were installed covering Karachi Corridor I; from Karsaz to Karachi S.I.T.E. Area, and 26 Cameras to cover Karachi Corridor II; from Drigh Road to Nagan Bridge. Soon after the successful completion of Phase 1, 98 more cameras were installed in the following areas;

  • Route from Nishter Park to Tower
  • Saddar route to cover Sea Breeze Plaza – Preedy Street – Tibet Center

KMC had initially deployed 152 cameras centrally monitoring designated areas 24x7 effectively at Command & Control Center with Storage of historical video data up to one year. Round the clock available network surveillance and technical support staff ensures high functionality of the system. Custom built Incident Management ERP solution software retains incident information and generates reports consisting of various statistical data.

Karachi demands much greater security and surveillance infrastructure. Keeping this notion in mind, special survey was conducted to highlight business areas of Karachi that have high demands of security and surveillance. As a result ten zones were created and identified with respective needs of Fix and PTZ High Definition IP Cameras. 910 cameras were added in the second phase of deployment to cover commercial downtown areas including Old City, Parts of Shaheed-e-millat Road, Tipu Sultan Road, Tariq Road and its vicinities, and industrial hubs of Karachi encompassing S.I.T.E. and K.A.T.I.

Besides helping in crime control, Command & Control Center plays a crucial role in saving lives of hundreds of people, by organizing emergency vehicles in the event of an accident or in any misfortunate occurrence so that victims can be rushed to hospitals and precious lives can be saved in time.

Our solutions are designed to integrate easily and seamlessly with a broad range of security products, making GCS the ideal company for any high end technology integration. Regular monitoring, support and feedback ensure high standards. Round the clock network surveillance and on ground technical staff makes sure the operations are in progress 24/7/365.

Maintenance of KMC Command & Control Center

Our work doesn't just finish with the installation. It's the beginning of excellence!

.GCS has not just delivered the mega city wide surveillance project for KMC, but has been maintaining the Command & Control Center ever since its inception. GCS has been providing smooth and seamless operations and the tremendous project has been operational for 6 years. Our trained technicians have always made sure that Command Control Center being such a centralized system cannot afford a single minute downtime due to any discrepancy.

GCS has uniquely distinguished standing in Pakistan, proven to be capable of deploying, operating and maintaining such mega surveillance projects.


AVL Tracking – KMC

We track vehicles. You track progress

With GCS, you are not trusting just a name, but a tradition of excellence in customer service, innovative technology planning, management and integration of comprehensive solutions being simply delivered.

GCS also provides vehicle tracking services, 200 KMC vehicles are being monitored by us. With an extraordinarily proficient team experienced in technology, management and security monitoring, the GCS team specializes in end-to-end solutions for clients. The in house software team provides personalized software and a wide array of customization possibility. The monthly Activity reports are generated and shared with the clients for a regular check and balance.

GCS has assured its clientele over the years that our solutions are more effective, affordable and scalable to their expanding requirements.


KMC - CCTV in the internal premises of Civic Center

Premises: Secured. Promises: Delivered.

GCS has also secured the internal premises of Civic Center for enhanced monitoring of any malicious activities within their surroundings. All the camera feeds are viewed in their independent Security department as well as Command & Control Center. All the important corridors are being secured and maintained by GCS providing a comprehensive real-time surveillance network across every footprint, giving them the peace of mind that they desire.

NBP HEAD OFFICE – Building Management System

A national institution of repute gets the technology of future

Today's evolving technology industry is opening up advanced and innovative ways to address all aspects of information management. GCS helps you foresee the technological trends compatible with your organizational needs. The solution experts at GCS have developed a comprehensive approach to determine and configure the scope of your requirement.

GCS proposed the complete Solution of Access Control System, Biometrics and Visitor Management System to the NBP Management. National bank of Pakistan Head office is situated at I.I Chundrigarh Road; it has two main entry and exit areas. The major concern of the NBP management was to control and record the access of the people and employees visiting the head office.

A comprehensive survey was done and Building Management System was designed to cover the entry and exit points in order to record and restrict the excess activities of people and employees visiting the Head office. The idea was to control the access through visitor's entrance, Gunnebo speed stiles on the parking and executive floors and vehicle entrance via barrier.

Visitor management software was created by our efficientin house software team to record the movements of all the visitors going to respective departments. The RFID cards are given with the access to the only desired floor and person he wishes to visit, rest of the floors are restricted. The software also generates an SMS to the person that he wishes to visit.

Gunnebo speed stiles with biometric devices were placed on the ground floor for the visitors and employees to record their entrance and exits. Itwas also placed on the 3rd floor for the employees or visitors coming from the parking area. The biometrics records the attendance for the employees and entries of the visitors visiting the premises.

Vehicle management was done via in house software team as well and e-tag stickers were issued to the registered cars. The barrier opens automatically with the car tagged with the sticker; the software records the registered tag with name, date and time. They employees of NBP were trained and a test run for 2 months was done.

The National Bank of Pakistan Head office is secured with modern and state of the art technology. The report of all activities inside the building is only a click away.

GCS is not just limited to that, NBP all other major regions are being provided with the best end to end surveillance solution by us. Following regional branches, their maintenance as well as their day to day complaints are being managed very efficiently and effectively.


Above are all the regions where GCS has supplied and installed IP based CCTV systems as per the requirements of NBP Management. With a dynamic team experience, we have been responsible for deploying the state of the art security surveillance system successfully operational in the various branches. Not just that, with the system getting advanced and the requirements evolving with time, all previous analog cameras are now being upgraded to IP cameras giving them a completely automated access. With the growing video surveillance, NBP took the step towards technology advancementin their more than 200 branches nationwide.


Karakoram International University

From Karachi to Karakoram, GCS covers it all

The University was established in 2002 and is situated against a backdrop of steep mountains at the confluence of the Gilgit and Hunza rivers.

Through Tender, GCS won the Supply, installation and configuration of IP based closed circuit cameras (CCTV)to be installed in the premises of Karakoram International University. The management wanted to view the different locations inside the university. The camera feeds are accessed to their IT rooms and is also accessible to few higher authorities.Since the live cameras can be viewed and their respective recordings can be seen anytime, senior management can keep track of important events and issues that take place around the premises. KIU now has a pure IP-Surveillance system which provides the coverage of most sensitive areas of the university and offers a platform flexible enough to take advantage of new technology developments.


National Highway Authority

On the highway to future, we're speeding along

National Highway Authority required a surveillance system for their Head office Karachi. The head office had to be secured keeping in mind all their requirements with ease, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. The server makes use of motion recording and thus with a terabyte of storage, saves over a month recording for all cameras at a suitable frame rate. Unlike a DVR based system, the software can record up to 64 cameras on a single machine.The existing IT infrastructure is used with the IP cameras and managed networks. The Security officer and IT Manager view the cameras and the recordings from the software while the server is managed by the IT officials who manage the network and recordings from the office are archived on a daily basis.


Karachi Port Trust – CCTV Solution & Maintenance

Porting Karachi Port Trust to a new futuristic dimension

KARACHI: Pakistan has set up the Joint Maritime Information and Coordination Center to exploit the country's marine interests and enhance their security. The facility was inaugurated by Federal Defence Minister Navid Qamar at a ceremony held at PNS Qasim Manora on Thursday.

During a media briefing following the inaugural ceremony, Pakistan Navy Commander Coast Rear Admiral Zafar Mehmood Abbasi said Indian fishermen 'stole Pakistani fish worth 8 billion a year' due to lack of coordination between the institutions.

He said the Somali pirates were operating near Pakistani waters but they were pushed back. The newly launched coordination center would consist of the Pakistan Navy, KPT, Port Qasim, Gwadar Port, Pakistan Maritime Agency Cost Guards and Sindh and Balochistan Fisheries. The center would facilitate these institutions for information sharing and enhancing their performance through coordination.

PNS Qasim

Port Qasim gets introduced to a different kind of wall

The Control room at PNS Qasim required a cutting-edge video wall solution for the camera feeds; initially they had been using personal computers for the purpose. The objective was to enter a new technological era and change the traditional ways.

GCS designed the state of the art video wall for their Control Center. The narrow bezels and the high definition video ensure clarity of the video feed. The huge video walls give an extremely amazing view for all their locations. Personal computers were replaced with Smart PCs for easy accessibility.


PNS Haider

GCS introduces PNS Haider to the future

GCS through its quality comprehensive services have developed its reputation in the market like none. GCS has established a video wall solution for the Control Room at PNS Haider as well. The video offers superior quality picture for a totally incredible vision. The deeper detail gives a very clear picture to the viewer for an exceptional picture quality.


Standard Chartered Bank

Standard chartered opens its account with future

Standard Chartered bank is situated on I.I Chundrigarh Road. The client required a state of the art technology in the control room for remote monitoring of all the branches in Pakistan.

After the comprehensive survey, the technical team did the Designing of control room, provided back up power and install video walls. GCS consulted the team of SCB for cabling and networking. All the branches of SCB were connected and integrated with the control room in Karachi.

By upgrading the control room the customer was able to monitor all the CCTV and alarm system of all the branches remotely with the ease and peace of mind. This project was a landmark for several banks and is still given as an example for a state of the art control room.


International Industries Limited

IIL finds the perfect match for its grainy CCTV

International Industries limited factory is spread on hundreds of acres of area, the factory consisted of very old analog cameras which were not working and had blur vision to the areas. Since the factory is located in Landhi and is considered as the high alert area they wanted to have the boundaries secured for viewing the city condition covering the main roads.

A comprehensive survey was done by our technical team of the sites and zones where the client wanted to place the cameras, in the first phase the existing 25 cameras were checked and maintained. 3 cameras were not working and were recommended to the client to replace them, the rest 22 were included as the part of the solution.

GCS recommended client to use fiber as the mode of connectivity instead of coaxial cable as the cost of maintenance is low, along with 25 more cameras to cover the sensitive zones inside the factory. Fixed Analog cameras with IR option were recommended and the old cameras were placed with the encoders. The control room was given LCDs and DVRs. The client's team was trained by GCS technical team, so that any issue arising can be dealt there and then.

In the Second Phase GCS installed 20 more cameras securing the other half of the factory portion, the view is centralized in control room and given to few top executives of the Client organization.

The challenges were to work in the harsh environment of the factory as the steel and pipes are manufactured and the air has deposits of zinc. Special housing for the cameras was prepared to secure the camera from external weather conditions.

The IIL Factory is secured and maintained by GCS, giving client the peace of mind of secured surveillance and better cost utilizing its old equipment with the new ones.