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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In order to run an effective business entity it is extremely imperative to stay on top of communicating rightly with the people who make your organization run, both internally and externally.


GCS CRM comes fully loaded with these functionalities:

  • Customer Details (email, contact, references)
  • Address Book
  • Search Filters
  • Summary of Orders
  • Sales invoice

Sales Lead Management

  • Setup custom sales stages and sales information
  • Track Activities
  • Multiple sales reports (pipeline, closed, leads, etc.)

Sales Quotations

  • Create, save and edit sales quotations
  • Create PDFs of quotations for customers
  • Track quotations by contact
  • Integrated Product Catalog
  • Email quote as a PDF directly from CRM
  • Revise and republish quotes at any time
  • Calculates sales tax and totals

Sales Order

  • Support for sales order and sales contracts
  • Multiple store capability with copy feature from store to store
  • Approve orders by customer or individually by order.
  • Decline Orders
  • Customer order decline letter
  • Completion date extension with automatic change of order completion date
  • Ability to view multiple store orders in detail or in summary.
  • Ability to define unlimited customer departments and their corresponding sales representatives as well as payment terms.

Sales Invoice

  • Creating new invoices and copying invoices
  • Create Invoice from existing sales orders
  • Monitor profitability sale-by-sale by seeing gross margin per line item


Included the following features: