Fiber Optic

One feather in the cap of GCS is its capability with respect to services falling under the head of Fiber Optics. GCS is without a doubt a leader in Pakistan when it comes down to providing Fiber Optics related services. Leading the pack for almost a decade now, GCS Fiber Optics services are second to none in the country.

GCS boasts proudly of the largest buried fiber network in the major city of Karachi covering more than 220km of area. Covering major commercial areas of the city including I. I. Chundrigar Road, M.A. Jinnah Road, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Tariq Road, Khalid bin Waleed Road, Shaheed-e-Millat, Shahrah-e-Quaideen, and M.T.Khan Road.

Some of our respected clients that we provide corporate connectivity to, include multinational organizations like Augere, Mobilink, Transworld and many others.


  • ISP Business Solution

    One of the prime reasons of GCS thriving nature is our ability to keep coming up with innovative turnkey solutions for our clientele. Provisioning the need of the time and the call of the hour, GCS has always complimented the changing nature of the technological advancements and brought them in for our valued customers.

    One such initiative is providing our clients with one window comprehensive business solutions as an ISP. GCS has exceeded our own expectations in making sure that an ISP par excellence is introduced in Pakistan. And so far, the promise that we made to ourselves, is coming very true.

    Below is the detail of our distinguished services under the domain of GCS ISP.


  • Internet Connectivity

    Pakistan is a nation composed of many communities small and big. Constantly amongst the world's top 10 most populous countries, Pakistan throws a unique challenge to those who dare to provide internet connectivity to the masses.

    With a landscape consisting of terrains ranging from mountains to deserts and fields to urban metropolitan areas, providing internet connectivity is a daunting task. But GCS has gone straight into it, heads first. With a passion for satisfying the needs of corporate as well as domestic clients, GCS aims to be amongst the best service providers in Pakistan, with an unmatched service.


  • Data connectivity b/w multiple locations with centralized connectivity

    Where expansion of what wonders internet could bring to mankind came the challenge of applying this technology to good use in an effective manner. For that, one has to be smart enough to know the process inside out as well as the knowledge required to implement it fully well. GCS knows both.

    Should you have your office based in centrally located settings and you want to connect to your warehouses somewhere in the industrial zone, worry not. GCS now provides you a fully functional turnkey solution to connect your business multiple locations through our state-of-the-art centralized connectivity facility. To find out more, please call our sales team and they'll be more than happy to come up with a customized solution according to your needs.


  • One Window Solution

    Internet, voice, data connectivity, domain hosting, email hosting, server hosting, security solutions… you need 'em all. Don't you. Just come to GCS and we'll open a window of possibilities for you. One window i.e. For all your incoming requests, there's only one window open. And that is…GCS. Pick up that phone, dial that number and open the window to limitless possibilities with GCS!