Building Management System (BMS) is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that centralizes and simplifies controlling, monitoring, operation and Šmanagement of Visitors, Employees and Vehicles to achieve safe and comfortable working environment at reduced time & cost. The core components of BMS are:






Visitors Management System

Visitors Management System (VMS) is a computer-based control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the visitor's visits and maintains history/records of every visit, manages appointments and generates schedules (meetings of employees). VMS helps to save times of visitors, operators and employees.

Salient features of a VMS are listed below:

  • Automate And Speed-up Visitor Processing
  • Reduce Human Errors
  • Highly efficient computerized registration of all visitors
  • Track & Store Visitors Information
  • Photographic Records Of Visitors
  • Integrated camera to capture photo of Visitor.
  • Integrated Barcode Reader to get and store CNIC number of the visitor
  • Integrated Business card reader to gather information from visitor's business card
  • Integrated Mifare device to write unique ID of visitor to RFID card
  • Integrated with GSM Modem to send/receive visitors information approval through SMS
  • RFID card Issuance for access control
  • Visitor historical records are kept in database
  • Automated SMS / Popup Alerts for visits and appointments to related staff / employee
  • Integrated access control solution with on-line issuing & returning of visitor access cards
  • Scan Visitor through finger prints
  • Schedule / Reschedule Appointments
  • Prescheduled appointment by officer can be stored making the visitor pass issuing easy
  • Daily Appointments Screen
  • Integrated web user management and web administration security
  • MIS Reports


Biometrics & Access Control Solution

The safety and security of a company's employees, visitors and work environment is critical. Access Control allows controlling and strengthening work safety in general and employee's safety as well. It defines access to designated areas within a premises. Access Control system is also used for monitoring and tracking employee and visitor activities. It is integrated with Biometric machines and Gunnebo Wiegand readers. Access Control proves to be an excellent and flexible, well designed system that brings great advantages to organizations of any size.

Salient features of a Biometrics & Access Control Solution are listed below:

  • Integrated with Biometric devices
  • Integrated with Gunnebo Wiegand
  • Employee Profiles Management
  • Roaster Management
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Track of Overtime
  • Track of Early Leaving / Late Coming
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Real-time Track of Employee Movement
  • Allow/Restrict Access of floors/offices
  • Device Management System
  • User Management
  • Integrated Web based Administration
  • MIS Reports


Vehicle Management System

A Vehicle Management System is designed specifically to manage vehicles that comes in or out of a building or parking area. It uses latest RFID technology that is reliable, flexible, feature-rich and easy-to-use.

The system's major functions include:

  • Real-time Vehicle Monitoring
  • Integrated with Mifare RFID E-Tag with wide range
  • Integrated with Automatic Hydraulic Road Barrier
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Vehicle Search
  • Average time spent in parking area
  • Details of the vehicles parked in a parking area
  • Historical record maintained in database
  • Integrated web user management and web administration security
  • MIS Reports



GCS ERP is a web-based software that brings the functionality to connect your departments, branches, customers, suppliers, agents under a central system. ERP comprises of a host of Integrated functionalities including, Manufacturing, Inventory & Material Management, Sales and Distribution Management, Supplier and Purchase Management, Human Resource Management, Finance Resource Management and Project Management.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In order to run an effective business entity it is extremely imperative to stay on top of communicating rightly with the people who make your organization run, both internally and externally.


GCS CRM comes fully loaded with these functionalities:

  • Customer Details (email, contact, references)
  • Address Book
  • Search Filters
  • Summary of Orders
  • Sales invoice

Sales Lead Management

  • Setup custom sales stages and sales information
  • Track Activities
  • Multiple sales reports (pipeline, closed, leads, etc.)

Sales Quotations

  • Create, save and edit sales quotations
  • Create PDFs of quotations for customers
  • Track quotations by contact
  • Integrated Product Catalog
  • Email quote as a PDF directly from CRM
  • Revise and republish quotes at any time
  • Calculates sales tax and totals

Sales Order

  • Support for sales order and sales contracts
  • Multiple store capability with copy feature from store to store
  • Approve orders by customer or individually by order.
  • Decline Orders
  • Customer order decline letter
  • Completion date extension with automatic change of order completion date
  • Ability to view multiple store orders in detail or in summary.
  • Ability to define unlimited customer departments and their corresponding sales representatives as well as payment terms.

Sales Invoice

  • Creating new invoices and copying invoices
  • Create Invoice from existing sales orders
  • Monitor profitability sale-by-sale by seeing gross margin per line item


Human Resource Management (HRM)

The capital that gets fluxed in to the financial veins of an organization is equally as good as its human capital, Human Resources i.e., and effectively managing this critical resource is critical for the organization. GCS fully understands this dynamic and brings you a HRM fully loaded with these functionalities:

  • Eliminate the needs for continuous exchange of recruitment related files at the same time
  • · Manage the employee profile through an online portfolio or a portal so that all the things are streamlined and in order
  • · Help employees and managers align individual goals to company objectives – and track performance
  • · Cut the costs on the evaluation and selection of the candidate
  • · Higher employee satisfaction and productivity due to increased autonomy
  • · Lower total cost of ownership and shorter cycle times and accelerated transactions


A comprehensive solution for the entire recruitment process that allows HR professionals to streamline the entire applicant tracking process effectively:

  • Applicant database
  • Interview scheduling
  • Assign hiring managers for job vacancies
  • Keyword tagging for advanced applicant screening
  • Candidate/applicant history
  • Easily organize and share all reviews and communication around a candidate
  • Customize recruitment steps and track candidates



GCS ERP Financial module is tightly integrated with all departments' functionality and generates valuable financial reports such as Profitability Report, Cost Center Analysis report, Management Information Report. The financial module in GCS ERP provides financial functionality and analysis reports for different departments and cost centers.

  • Manage the payrolls, bonuses and expenses in a streamlined and efficient manner
  • Benefit from the ease and speed of financial reporting
  • With a broader, integrated financial solution, the strengths of the module are multiplied by the tighter integration of the data exchanges
  • Secure invoice entries, payment follow ups, registration of payments and analyzed sales information through automated procedures
  • Tighter integration with accounts payable, general ledger, error reduction and improving accuracy and efficiency

Financial Accounting

  • General Ledger
  • Account Receivable
  • Account payable
  • Fixed Asset A/C
  • Debut Note/ Credit Note/ Journal Entries
  • Bank Reconciliation

Statutory & Regulatory

  • Value added tax analysis & reporting
  • TDS & service tax
  • Excise

Enterprise Controlling

  • Executive Information System
  • Business Planning & budgeting
  • Profit center accounting



Keeping tabs on the pay outs to the employees, remunerations, incentive financials and other operations is not an easy task. With GCS Pay Roll ERP it becomes extremely easy and beneficial to carry out these tasks with ease:

  • Automatic import of employee attendance with the optional Time & Attendance module
  • Supports an unlimited number of employees, user defined pay groups, pay types, deductions and benefits
  • Report payroll taxes for multiple federal tax IDs
  • Regular federal, state, and tax table updates
  • Additional user defined tax tables to meet additional unique tax requirements
  • Attendance and payroll review to edit and confirm payroll information prior to printing checks or posting payroll
  • The Payroll System will track and maintain employee salary transfer information and check for any errors or adjustments before the deposit.
  • Links with the Workforce modules to help maintain and track accruals such as vacation, paid holidays and sick days
  • Extensive built-in payroll reports help track wage, benefit and tax history
  • Enhanced security allows access rights to be granted to specific pay groups
  • Supports customization to meet your unique payroll requirements
  • The Payroll System processes all records and simplifies salary and tax processing through the computation of data


Time & Attendance

The Time & Attendance module allows to streamline attendance and labor tracking, automate employee scheduling and improve job costing to create a more efficient and profitable organization

  • Shift scheduling
  • Define Days-off (weekends and specific holidays)
  • Administration and management of timesheets
  • Create timesheets weekly or monthly
  • Attendance tracking with more control and clear reporting for HR administrators and managers
  • Real-time access to actual job and task labor usage immediately identifies labor intensive processes
  • Detailed reports allow managers to monitor and analyze labor productivity and job costing
  • With the click of a mouse, transfer completed and accumulated hours directly to the Payroll Module and automatically calculate bonuses, overtime, shift differentials and more


Procurement / Inventory Management

Inventory module facilitates the process of maintaining the exact level of stock in warehouse and helps manage and report inventory information. The functions of Inventory Control Module involves identifying inventory requirements, setting targets, providing replenishment techniques and options, monitoring item usages, reconciling the inventory balances and reporting inventory status.

  • Get complete real-time visibility into demand, supply, costs and fulfillment measures and trends
  • Manage margins with a clear view into inventory costs, turn rates an inventory Profitability
  • Eliminate manual inventory management processes and improve vendor satisfaction with a seamless procure-to-pay process
  • Significantly improve relationships with suppliers, vendors and partners by providing self-service and real-time visibility
  • Effectively and efficiently meet customer demand, helping drive and maintain superior customer service levels
  • Multistage warehousing and site management
  • Movements and transactions
  • Cost calculation
  • Acquisition price tracing

Inventory Control

  • Detailed visibility into key inventory control and supply chain management measures, including inventory trends, stock on order, and supplier on-time performance
  • Slash inventory costs by tightening control of stock levels while increasing operational efficiencies
  • Increase product margins by effectively managing pricing based on different types of customers, channels and currencies
  • Gain control over inventory replenishment and ensure that enough have on hand to fill anticipated orders, while keeping excess stock to a minimum

Purchasing and Vendor Management

  • Eliminate inefficiencies throughout organization with convenient online purchase order creation that allows to replace paper-based forms and time-consuming manual processes
  • Streamline requisition processes and improve collaboration with vendors by giving them self-serve access to key data and information, including inventory reordering points and transaction histories
  • Track costs and eliminate errors by creating a complete business process flow through purchasing, receiving and account payables

Demand Planning

  • Calculate demand plans leveraging historical data or sales forecasts
  • Model how expected sales and purchase orders affect future inventory levels
  • Calculate supply plans and automatically generate purchase or work orders


Asset Management

The Asset Management module is fully integrated with other financial modules to provide the mechanism to accurately record and track the investment in infrastructure, capital purchases, historically significant items. It is also used to add assets, adjust and transfer assets, process depreciation, conduct physical inventory, and report on agency assets.

  • Record the asset’s cost information, as required by procurement system and fixed asset management system
  • Track depreciation on fixed assets
  • Record the asset’s physical information, e.g. model, serial number, specs, manufacturer
  • Provide customized reports
  • Track and then easily locate on floor plans corporate assets such as furniture, equipment, computers, life safety systems, building systems and artwork
  • Track asset depreciation for financial reporting and compliance
  • Track ownership and product information such as serial numbers and installation dates
  • Fully integrate asset ownership and redeploy into the Move Management Module


Project Management

It is a management environment that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to a specified business case.

  • Project Scheduling & OrganizationStart date, Due date Milestone date.
  • Team Planning & Coordination
  • Time Tracking
  • Resource Planning
  • Task or Project Tracking
  • Project Analytics & Reporting
  • Improve the way to track assignments by adding tags on tasks. Filter tasks by using tags and other criteria within projects or in the cross-project dashboard.


Employee Portal

Employee portal is a powerful tool providing employees of the company with the ability to view relevant information such as personal information. The functionality of this module spans through the entire system‚ making information available anywhere‚ anytime. Of course all information is subject to company defined security policy‚ where everyone can only view the information he / she is authorized to. Time and cost saving effects from this solution are tremendous.

  • Allow employees to log-in to the system and view their personal information independently
  • Users will have limited access within the system as a security measure
  • Leave application and approval from their supervisor can be performed from the system itself
  • An employee may view their leave summary to keep track of their leave entitlements, leave taken and leave carried forward