Road Blocker

GCS Systems has been manufacturing a complete line of road blocker since 2007. Utilizing a team of professional designers, engineers and manufacturing experts, GCS offers the most extensive line of commercial road blockers, spikes and barriers


Performance, reliability and value dictate how products are conceived, developed and manufactured to provide customers the very best road barrier products. In addition, the extensive product range gives architects and engineers options that are not available elsewhere. Products are available for manual operation that can be surface or flush mounted to the roadway. Then, there is a wide-ranging line of automated barrier systems that are full featured, fitting almost any application that can integrate with a wide range of access control options. Products like card readers, keypads, Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID), bio-metrics etc.


  • Under Vehicle Surveillance System
    • Digital Color UVSS

      GCS Digital Color UVSS is an effective and reliable surveillance system for inspecting the undercarriage of vehicles, by presenting a clear and clean image of the underside of vehicles when it is driven over the screening unit. It exposes the undercarriage from all makes and models for explosive devices, suspicious objects, contraband which includes drug and personnel. Digital Colour UVSS Screening Unit consists of high-resolution camera, halogen illumination units and protective housing. It is designed for surface mounted or flushed deployment.

    • Digital Video UVSS

      GCS Digital Video UVSS (Under Vehicle Screening System) is a simplified surveillance system to perform the vehicle undercarriage inspection. The system is designed to monitor and record real time video. Playback of captured video for future reference is possible. High resolution video provides clear live video of the vehicle's underside in detecting attached packages, explosives and other objects. Digital Video UVSS Screening Unit consists of 2 to 4 high resolution video cameras, with infra-red illumination units protected inside an inspection ramp.