Punjab Prisons Foundation


Integrated Call Center

Punjab Prison Foundation Integrated Call Center Sysytem

GCS doesn’t only focus on the stabilized lifestyle of a common individual but specifically on the ones who are desperate yet helpless to rectify their well-being. Thus, we have worked on different levels to assist prisoners, refugees, and migrants to get their well-deserved chance of happiness. For this purpose, GCS helped Punjab Prison Foundation to integrate call center systems within the jails for prisoners.

Purpose and Motive

Due to false accusations and the long duration of trials running in the court for several years, most innocent people end up in jail for a considerably long time. During the period of prison, they’ve completely kept out of touch with their families except for a weekly visit. Considering their desires, we’ve proposed an idea to integrate a call center system solution along with Punjab Prison Foundation for prisoners.


GCS has initiated this system operational on 6 different jail sites across the province with Includes 06 Jail Sites with the optimum support for 3 years of technical operations and maintenance.